It's Alive!!!!

The team from GIBIC Universidad de Antioquia working on the pneumatic ventilator made great progress today!!! They set up a basic control and managed to get it pumping!!! A lot of work still to go but very encouraging signs!!! Remember to download the videos and help in any way you can to improve the designs or make them work with what's available in other countries!!

More updates tomorrow!!!


  1. Don't get me wrong, this is a very elegant design which is a sophisticated ambu-bag. To consider it a ventilator to support patients in respiratory failure is a bit of a stretch. To support patients with this device would require continual paralysis for this to be effective. Not being able to synchronize the device to the patient and let it assist is important with this patient population. Non paralysing a patient on this device would create a condition where the patient will have a higher level of work of breathing expending more energy at the time the patient needs to conserve. If you consider a pressure control vent when analyzed is nothing more than a glorified expiratory valve would be a good starting starting point. Easy is good but it is not necessary the right answer.


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